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We meet your demands among the various options when it comes to private and commercial offset printing demands in Abu Dhabi and UAE. Get in touch with us today to know more.


The Popular Demand Of Offset Printing in Abu Dhabi

The demand for offset printing is highlighted by the fact that it can produce more products in a short timespan even with larger sheets of great quality compared to digital printing presses. Offset printing is still regarded to be of greater quality and convenience, although the world has advanced to digital printing.


Various Offset Printing Methods At Present

Sheet-fed offset printing is used for small and medium-sized fixed projects and involves feeding individual sheets of paper into the printing machine. Web offset printing is used for high-volume publications with constantly changing content and uses larger, faster equipment.


Why are we chosen as the best in Abu Dhabi?

A rundown of our expertise in overseeing regional and multinational customer needs reinforces Arafah’s brand name in the printing sector. Our greatest investment is the time and effort in developing strong associations with all of our customers. The testimony for our excellence is the long list of happy clients

Digitized And Offset Printing Solutions In Abu Dhabi

Perhaps you are familiar with digital printing. What about the method of offset printing? Offset Lithography or mainly referred to as offset printing, used to be the go-to option before the digital era in the print space. It involves the transfer of ink from an etched plate, to a rubber sheet or blanket before the ink is applied to the printing surface, with one plate per color. The system of printing digitally created images directly onto a solid medium is known as digital printing. Digital printing comprises the production of prints utilizing computer-generated designs.

Here at Arafah Printing Press, we are at your avail with either of the printing methods and more, producing high-end products of your choice. We meet your demands among the various options when it comes to private and commercial offset printing demands in Abu Dhabi and UAE. Get in touch with us today to know more.

How does offset printing press in AbuDhabi differ from digital printing ?

Offset printing methodology in Abu Dhabi, like in most other places, differs from digital printing on the basis of:

Raw materials


Coloring ink


Printing machine


Printing Process


Printing Time


Mass production capacity




Final product outcomes

Top-quality and High cost-efficiency at Arafah Printing

What if your requests for premium-quality printed products are handed to you at a lower cost? Well, Arafah can make that happen. Cost-effectiveness is a trademark of our printing business. Our capability of producing desired results satisfactory to your expectations comes at a reasonable price, regardless of the design and print method of your preference.

The Areas We Serve - Mussafah, Dubai and UAE

The services we offer to customers in and around locations the UAE. We also have a wide reach across the globe. As of now, our printing label has engagements in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi and our industry experts are dominating the printing sector of Dubai, living up to Arafah’s credibility with top-notch services.

What is the highest-quality printing method?

The highest-quality printing method is often considered to be offset printing. The printed products developed from offset printing machine pays more attention to the color gradients and finer details, frequently resulting in works with a variety of colors, fine details, and a unified appearance.

Major users of offset printing?

Offset lithography helps in creating catalogs, posters, cards, and brochures for many business and advertising organizations. Independent authors and publishing firms such as press and magazine publishers employ offset printing for large-scale production. Government organizations utilize it for  printed goods, documents, and reports. For fine art and limited-edition prints, artists and photographers adopt offset printmaking.

newgeneration technologies

Arafah Printing

Offered Printing Services At Arafah Printing Press

We at Arafah blend in with new trends and use updated printing machine technology. Our items are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials as part of our commitment to the betterment of our planet.


Select from a variety of styles and sizes. Manufactured with durable materials, tailor your bags to create a personalized, durable carrying solution. Whether it be paper bags, handbags, backpacks, or shopping bags with imaging and a brand logo,


Arafah Printing will design and print the book you want or plan on selling. All the details, from the typeface and font to the cover art and interior text content, will be carefully considered. Every book can be printed to the specified size, length, and the number of pages.

Business cards

Business cards are simple, yet effective printed products to introduce yourself and your organization to potential clients. Customize the introduction with corresponding patterns, fonts, and logo designs to go forth with Arafah Printing.


Impress your recipients with our exquisite envelopes in various colors and prints. Design and seal your gifts, invitations, and more with Arafah’s beautiful branded envelopes.


Designed in mind with the place it needs to be placed in. Arafah Printing personalized and professional calendars are a great way to keep track of schedules and occasions. We have office calendars, wall calendars, and desk calendars ready for you.


Showcase your recommended products and services with effective cataloging. Arafah Printing press has comprehensive catalog templates for any personal or business purpose with easy-to-read fonts, images, and product descriptions.

Invitation card

An invite card for every occasion, Arafah is here to make sure that all of your guests are able to get in on the action. Thousands of seamless and intricate templates to pick and modify based on your preferences available in Abu Dhabi.


Grab attention with quick promotion—that’s what printed flyers will do for you. Arafah’s flyers will be the easiest printed medium to attract the crowd to your offset printing products, services, events, campaigns, and businesses.


Our range of customization also goes for handy-dandy hangtags for any product or brand. These tags can be of varying sizes and made of everlasting materials, which can be attached to your label’s consumer items. Arafah will customize the hang tags with your product info, price, branding, and logo.


Label designing is also an addition to Arafah’s personalization options available in locations in Abu Dhabi. Provide product details, including barcodes, ingredients, and even nutritional information, on food and beverage products, and cosmetics. Avoid the hassle with this easily applicable labeling.

Greeting card

Specialize and personalize. Our options from our library of templates for every occasion and varying cardstock materials. Start from scratch, add photographs, and personalize your messages. Pick from Arafah’s favorites and send them to your loved ones.


Arafah’s printable letterheads specially made for official communications of your organization. Logos and contact information for the business, along with features like pictures, colors, and patterns will be included. We print documentation such as letters, invoices, and memoranda in a specified size and format


Get the best of quality and sell the best of your content with our magazine prints. Launch your creations to any stratum in Abu Dhabi with our support of the finest printed booklets. Distribute information and entertainment to your targeted audience with Arafah’s custom-made magazine formats.

Menu cards

Arafah’s menu cards can be a guide to the tastiest recipes. They can be arranged with respect to the specified occasion, with best-served recommendations and pricing details. We add in the exact images and elements aligning your food chain brand.


Brand your name professionally, even on notepads. Pocket-friendly, medium, and large sizes are available for bulk production. Formattable templates with contact information and required labeled logos will be modified for you by Arafah Printing press.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digitized And Offset Printing Solutions In Abu Dhabi
You need to estimate the cost, considering the prime factors influencing it. The offset printing price may vary in Abu Dhabi according to the materials, printing technology and equipment, shipping charges, and tax. Get in contact with recognized printing houses for the accurate number, compare the prices, and choose wisely.

Offset printing is renowned for generating printed products of the highest caliber. Ink is transferred to paper using a succession of plates, one for each hue in the design. The resulting  images are of high resolution.

For large print runs, offset printing price may be less expensive because the price per print drops as the volume rises. This is due to the fact that offset printing has a greater initial setup cost than digital printing, despite having a lower cost per print. Therefore, offset printing is more economical in terms of long runs.

 We need to take into consideration the independent costs required for the final production. The individual cost may depend on:

  • Quantity
  • Paper material
  • Ink colors
  • Print size
  • Printing machine
  • Other add ons
The printing techniques of offset and digital printing are distinctive from one another. The system of printing digitally created images directly onto a solid medium is known as digital printing. Offset printing involves the transfer of ink from an etched plate to a rubber sheet or blanket before the ink is applied to the printing surface, with one plate per color.

Offset lithography is another term for offset printing. In this, a pre-made metallic or plastic plate gets covered in a coating, sensitive to light. Either through photographic exposure or digital, the desired image will be transferred. After complete scrubbing of unexposed regions, the image is formed. The loading of the plate takes place with the assistance of an offset press. Then it is inked and pressed directly onto a rubber blanket. This, in turn, captures the ink on the paper.